Why use a facilitator?
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Why use a facilitator?

Strategic Planning and Strategic Team Planning
A. Select the strategic planning team which typically consists of the leader, direct reports and a number of other key employees.
B. Determine data requirements and analyze information.
C. Determine the leader's expectations for the meeting and process.
A. Strategic planning facilitator conducts one-on-one interviews with the Team Planning participants in order to understand the culture, organization, issues and opportunities.
B. Hold interviews 2-4 weeks prior to the planning meeting by telephone or on-site.
A. Prepare a questionnaire covering a variety of subjects appropriate to strategic planning for the organization. Questions could revolve around: growth opportunities, growth impediments, markets, product roadmaps, culture, core competencies, time-to-market, strategic weaknesses and issues, financial forecasts, etc.
B. Each participant to complete the questionnaire with personal responses. This homework assignment will require 1-2 hours and will prepare each person to participate from the first moment of the planning meeting.
C. Receive questionnaires about one week prior to the planning meeting. Summarize the key points for use and discussion during the session.
4. Off-site Strategic Planning Meeting
A. Facilitate a detailed, open and candid discussion of the present situation of the organization. This will bring all participants to the same level of understanding of the business situation from which a plan for the future can be developed. The discussions will be wide ranging, covering the questionnaire materials and additional subjects.
B. Develop conclusions and assumptions about the future environment your organization will face. The discussions will cover anticipated directions for your industry, competition, buyers, suppliers, new entrants, technologies, etc.
C. With an understanding of the present situation and where your environment is headed; determine where you are going and want to go as an organization by engaging in Strategic Thinking and the creation of a vision, grand strategy statement, key success factors and 2-4 major strategic objectives.
D. Establish how you will achieve your desired objectives through the development of business area and cross-functional strategies and action plans.
E. Assign action parties, action dates and accountabilities to provide the steps for subsequent implementation and follow-up.
A. Facilitate follow-up meetings at the client's option.
B. Determine progress on objectives, strategies and commitments.
C. Make adjustments to plans if dictated by changes in the environment and continue the Strategic Thinking.
D. Change planning from a one-time event to a continuing process.

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